Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Begin at the Beginning

Not to steal from the Sound of Music or anything but, today, this post, heck, this blog is all about where I am going next. At 50-something this pilot, writer, mom, wife, well, yeah, you name it is stepping, well, not exactly off a cliff and into the blue (nice image--but frankly starting a blog isn't that big of a deal), but definitely heading out on a new trajectory. So, interested? Stay tuned as I begin the journey.

It's a beautiful January afternoon in South Florida, the sky a perfect cerulean blue, the breeze popping just enough to make flying my taildragger interesting. It's an experimental Kitfox IV that's been my "fun and functional" airplane for more than 21 years and we've just resuscitated another cylinder on the more than 10-year-old Jabiru 80 hp engine. This trip was 45 minutes into the wind north to visit my web and internet media expert and good friend Jack Hodgson, of UCAP fame, and my trusty editor from Aviation Safety magazine Jeb Burnside. I must say I compensated for the recent mechanical fixes with a little more altitude, even though it cost me 10 knots of speed (fairly expensive in the Kitfox, which only goes 100 knots full-bore across the ground on a no-wind afternoon). Found the airport sans GPS from no more than 1500 AGL, so at least my pilotage and ded reckoning skills are still intact.

Now we are in the thick of setting up a few good projects, so...stay tuned!

P.S. Wondering about that background image? My buddies from Cape Town can tell you more about it. South Africa is one of the most beautiful and friendly places in the world for light aircraft flight.

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